John McCracken and Christopher Williams at ADAA: The Art Show

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David Zwirner will present the work of two American artists, featuring sculptures by John McCracken and photographs by Christopher Williams at ADAA: The Art Show.

John McCracken belongs to a group of pioneering, California-based artists who produced their own breed of Minimalism of the 60s and 70s, that became known as the “Light and Space”movement. McCracken’s sculptures—meticulously crafted and polished by hand—have the appearance of factory-made perfection. His work is currently on view as part of David Zwirner Gallery’s highly-acclaimed exhibition, Primary Atmospheres. On view at ADAA are small-scale pedestal works by the artist.

The ADAA show is taking place this March 3–7 at the Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue at 67th Street, New York City.

In the Fall of 2008, Radius Books in association with Zwirner Gallery published a beautiful facsimile edition of McCracken’s talisman-like sketchbook from the mid-60s, available in the online store.