Mission Statement

RADIUS BOOKS encourages, promotes, and publishes books of artistic and cultural value for a wide audience. Our projects are distinguished in both form and substance: beautiful objects by important artists of all ranks.

RADIUS BOOKS is a non-profit publishing company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is our firm belief that the arts—all arts—are vital to our nation and our culture’s future.

Through our publication, education, and donation programs, RADIUS BOOKS creates and promotes an ongoing dialogue among writers, thinkers, and artists.

Over the past twelve years, through our Library and School Donation Program, we have donated over 50,000 thoughtfully-crafted art books to libraries, schools, and art programs across the US.

Your support will directly benefit the Donation Program, and ensure that RADIUS BOOKS will continue to impact arts education in unique and unexpected ways.

* Radius Books is a NM 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.