Taxonomy of a Landscape

Taxonomy of a Landscape Featured in PMc Magazine and High Country News

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Victoria Sambunaris was interviewed by PMc Magazinewhere her new book Taxonomy of a Landscape was referred to as “a beautiful and compelling record of her thirteen-year-long journey across America.” The stunning new monograph was also featured in High Country News in both print and online.

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Victoria Sambunaris’ Taxonomy of a Landscape Now Available!

Victoria Sambunaris’ gorgeous new monograph, Taxonomy of a Landscape, is officially in our warehouses and ready to ship! This first monograph on Sambunaris’ work consists of two handsome hardback volumes. The first includes a retrospective selection of her images from 2000 to 2013; the second documents the artist’s collected professional ephemera as a photographer and researcher. Included among this fascinating assortment of documents are images of books on geology and history, maps, artifacts such as mineral specimens, journals and road logs, as well as her small photographic sketches. An essay from MOCP Director Natasha Egan provides an insightful overview of this ardent chronicler of contemporary America.

Sambunaris recently had a beautiful feature on the book and her artistic process in Smithsonianand was chosen by Interview mag as one of six best coffee table books to own. (The limited edition of her book is also now available. For $100, you get this great book and a 4 x 5 polaroid. They are selling quickly so act fast if you are interested.)

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Wallpaper* Magazine Features Victoria Sambunaris

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Jonathan Bell of Wallpaper* magazine took some time with Victoria Sambunaris to discuss her recent monograph, Taxonomy of a Landscape, and what led her to this gorgeous body of work.

“The American landscape photographer Victoria Sambunaris has completed her first monograph, Taxonomy of a Landscape. Sambunaris studied at Yale and still teaches there, although her main passion is the regular road trips she takes into the American interior. The monograph brings together many of the images she took in South Texas – a rich natural landscape that is also shifting fast due to the demands of the energy industry – covering over a decade’s worth of shooting.” Keep reading…

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TIME Photo: “Taxonomy of a Landscape” of Best Books This Season!

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TIME LightBox presents their preview of the season’s best photography books, featuring Radius Books’ forthcoming Spring release Taxonomy of a Landscape by Victoria Sambunaris (with essay by Natasha Egan and short story by Barry Lopez). Click here for more from “TIME Special Preview: A Guide to the Best Spring/Summer Photo Books.”

“In an age when so many of us experience photography almost exclusively on digital screens, these beautifully produced publications, from publishers large and small, proudly embrace the power of print and keep the brilliant tradition of the photobook very much alive.” -TIME Photo Department