Emerging Landscapes Conference

Michael Light to speak at Emerging Landscapes Conference, June 26, 2010


Michael Light, whose second title with Radius Books will be out this fall, will be participating in the Emerging Landscapes conference at the University of Westminster, London. The conference runs from June 25-27, 2010, and is an international, interdisciplinary venture dedicated to re-examining the idea of landscape and the intersection of the built environment with the represented environment. Focusing in large part on the synergies between photography and architecture, the conference will “examine and critically reassess the interface between production and representation in the creation of contemporary landscape.”

Light will be giving an artist talk, Some Dry Space: An Inhabited American West, as part of the Photographic Practice: Altered Terrain section of the conference. He will be speaking at 11:30 am GMT on Saturday, June 26th. For the last fifteen years, Light has aerially photographed over-settled and unsettled areas of American space, pursuing themes of mapping, vertigo, human impact on the land, and various aspects of geologic time and the sublime. A private pilot and 2007 Guggenheim photography fellow, he is currently working on an extended aerial photographic survey of the arid West.

Radius Books published the first of a planned multi-volume series of this work, Bingham Mine/Garfield Stack in Fall 2009. With LA Day/LA Night, due out in November 2010, Light continues his ongoing aerial examination of the arid American West by bringing together two opposing views of the city in a double volume set.

Both titles are available for purchase at our online store:
Bingham Mine/Garfield Stack available here
LA Day/LA Night available for pre-order here