El Otro Lado: The Other Side


El Otro Lado: The Other Side is a public art installation on Downtown Albuquerque’s D-Ride buses and is running as part of the flurry of LAND/ART exhibitions. They will run from July 13–September 19.

El Otro Lado: The Other Side is a community-based public art project in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe developed by artist Chrissie Orr, focusing on the themes of migration, boundaries and sense of place. The installation on ABQ Ride’s D-Ride buses was created out of a collaboration with writer Michelle Otero and participants at Bernalillo County Community Centers. View images displayed on the interior of ABQ Ride’s D-Ride buses and listen to participants telling their stories (via cell phone, call 505-515-0032). The D-Ride travels a loop around Downtown and can be picked up at many locations including the Alvarado Transportation Center at 1st & Gold and at 5th & Central near 516 ARTS. It runs 6:30pm to 7pm, and arrives every 7 minutes. For information, call 505-243-RIDE. More details

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