Beaumont Newhall

Review of Beaumont’s Kitchen in Aperture Magazine

Aperture Magazine’s Spring 2010 issue features a review of Beaumont’s Kitchen, Lessons on Food, Life and Photography with Beaumont Newhall by Frederick Kaufman, author of Short History of the American Stomach. The book, published by Radius Books in the spring of 2009, focuses on the father of photographic history’s epicurean side. It features his food columns and recipes alongside photographs and reminiscences by some of the “Newhall Circle,” which included Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paul Strand.

Beaumont cover

An excerpt from the review notes:

“The book’s editors have mixed studio portraits with street photography and the staging works well with Newhall’s columns, which include intricate instructions for hollandaise and béarnaise sauces, along with straightforward recipes for home-fried potatoes, steak-and-kidney pie, corn pudding, and a hearty coq au vin the author discovered on an Air France inflight meal. (In tourist class, Newhall wryly noted, there was no change of service for dessert–a ripe pear.)”

“The great surprise in these pages is that while Beaumont’s Kitchen succeeds as a period piece, it manages to transcend the time-capsule genre. These columns anticipate much of the criticism of supermarkets, fast food, and agribusiness that has since become a full-scale social movement. ‘The food industry, that great dictator of America’s taste,’ has shoveled broccoli, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts ‘into the mass freezer,’ noted Newhall, ‘to be served forth in deforested parodies of themselves.”

The full review is available in the current print version of Aperture Magazine.

To purchase Beaumont’s Kitchen, visit Radius’ online store.

AIPAD Photography Show in New York City

The annual photography show of the Association for International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) is taking place this weekend at the Park Ave. Armory (at 67th Street). As with any art fair, this one fills the space with a maze of dealers booths, each more or less filled with wares—in this photographs—for sale. It’s a chance to see work from around the world, ostensibly, and if you’re in the collecting mood, to purchase a few for your collection (without having to travel the world to visit each dealer on their own turf).

For myself, it’s a chance to see work, but primarily it’s a chance to reconnect with other people in the industry and to explore ways of working together.

This year, it’s also a chance to launch a couple new Radius Books titles!

Scheinbaum & Russek (booth 206) will have copies of Beaumont’s Kitchen. David Scheinbaum, who wrote the introductory essay, will be signing the book at the booth from 2-4 on Saturday.

Gitterman Gallery will have copies of Debbie Fleming Caffery’s new book, The Spirit & The Flesh, on hand, along with copies of her limited edition version of the book.

Lastly, Julie Blackmon will be on hand to sign copies of her monograph, Domestic Vacations, at Catherine Edelman’s booth.

Please come by and say hi!