Colleen Plumb – Spring Events

Want this photograph by Colleen Plumb?  Of course you do! 20 x 200, a Jen Bekman Project, is offering limited edition prints of this photograph for very affordable prices.  Each museum quality print is signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  If this tickles your fancy, 20 x 200 has more prints by Colleen Plumb, Michael Light, and Michael Lundgren (all Radius Books artists).

In addition to offering her work on 20 x 200, Jen Bekman Gallery is exhibiting Colleen’s work from her new Radius book Animals Are Outside Today until April 24. The book will be available for purchase at Colleen’s gallery talk in April.

Jen Bekman Gallery – Colleen Plumb gallery talk:
Thursday, April 21 from 6-8pm.

Other events:

For Colleen’s admirers in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Art Museum will sponsor her presentation and booksigning of Animals Are Outside Today this Thursday.

Milwaukee Art Museum – with booksigning to follow:
Thursday, April 7 at 6:15pm.

Dina Mitrani Gallery at the Wynwood Art District in Miami will exhibit Animals Are Outside Today this May:
Opening reception Thursday, May 12.

Order Animals Are Outside Today here.

The Amazing Michael Lundgren

If you come here seeking something particular you may find only it.
Or find nothing. But if you come seeking the desert it will be given to you in time,
if you take care not to get so irrevocably lost that you too become bones out here,
but lost enough to find what you did not know you were looking for.

—Excerpt from Rebecca Solnit’s essay, Desert Music

In the Fall of 2008, Radius Books published desert dweller Michael Lundgren’s first monograph Transfigurations. The photos are informed by the characteristic transience of the desert. In his statement, Lundgren mentions that even seemingly permanent rocks are bound to the law of change. In the past six months he has received countless accolades and attention for his work.

Just this past April, 20×200 featured two images by Lundgren, hailing the photos for their “mysterious gorgeousness” and the photographer for his talent, devotion and brilliance. 20×200 founder Jen Bekman has been generous to non-profits since the inception of the business, and the sale of one of these two photographs directly benefited Radius Books. (She also informally nominated us “publisher of the most gorgeous black & white books”!)

This year, Lundgren was awarded a place in Flash Forward 2009 Magenta Foundation’s Emerging Photographers exchange. They will feature his work in a book of their winners as well as in a traveling exhibition that will open initially at Lennox Contemporary in Toronto, in October 2009.

The West Midlands based development agency Rhubarb-Rhubarb is having a 10 year anniversary called Photography is Dead. The agency asked ten of their reviewers to select a single outstanding photographer from the past ten years to feature in the exhibition. Lundgren was selected by the Martin Barnes, the photography curator at the V&A Museum, London, who was stirred by the “literary and philosophical references both of historical and contemporary relevance” within Transfigurations. You can read his entire text here (as a pdf).

Photo-blogger Sara Distin was brought back home to the desert while viewing his work. After attending a lecture by Micael Lundgren, Miguel Garcia-Guzman, a writer at Exposure Compensation described his experience of the photographs, the book and the lecture itself.

You can see more of Michael’s work, as well as his Phoenix Postcard project, at his website. His work will also be on view at the V&A Museum as part of their rotating permanent collection, A History of Photography, until April 2010.

Michael Lundgren & 20×200: the day after…

This is the day after Michael Lundgren’s 20×200 edition went live. Intermittently throughout the day the Radius Books staff would refresh the page and be amazed to see the numbers of copies “remaining” dwindle lower and lower. Both of the small sizes have now sold out, leaving a choice of larger sizes.

If you haven’t read Jen Bekman’s newsletter about Mike’s word, please do. She has been a huge supporter of Mike’s work, and her enthusiasm for his photographs is shared by us all at Radius! Proceeds from the sale of Ironwood (top image) directly benefit us—Radius Books—in our non-profit mission to get great art and books into the hands of people everywhere. So please, browse 20×200, purchase one of Mike’s prints or his book, and know that you are supporting a good cause!

20×200+Michael Lundgren+Radius Books=HOT

20×200 is the brainchild of internet guru+photography gallerist Jen Bekman. As she says, “There are a lot of people out there who want to sell their art and a lot of people who’d like to buy it. They just have a hard time finding each other. The internet is the perfect place to bring those people together.” And she does just that, making work affordable at the same time.

On this Wednesday, April 15th, 20×200 will release two new editions from Phoenix-based photographer Michael Lundgren, whose new monograph, Transfigurations, was published by Radius Books in November of 2008. 20×200 introduces new works from photographers and artists twice a week and offers gorgeous, exhibition quality prints at ridiculously affordable prices, exclusively online.

Of the two editions offered from Lundgren, the proceeds from one will benefit Radius Books (similar to the editions offered by the Starn twins, one of which benefited Blind Spot). We can’t reveal exactly which photographs will be released but we can tell you they are from his Transfigurations series—and, the prints are stunning! To ensure that you have the opportunity to support Radius Books and collect one or both of Lundgren’s prints, sign up for the 20×200 newsletter.  Written by Jen Bekman, the newsletter goes out to subscribers slightly in advance of the release of the editions online, giving subscribers the earliest opportunity to aquire the works before they go live.  With fast-selling editions the newsletter can offer the only chance to acquire prints!   Sign up and keep your eyes on your inbox this Wednesday!