Radius Donation Program — Fall 2011

We’ve mentioned our Library Donation Program before, but we haven’t gone into too many details about the process!  This September we’ve made dozens of donations to libraries across the United States.  A few weeks ago, a group from our office (including publisher David Chickey, admin Jenni Higginbotham, and Intern Extraordinaire Betsy Davis) went to our warehouse in Rio Rancho to box up a portion of our library donation requests and get them ready for shipping.

For the past few months Betsy has been busy contacting libraries and inquiring about their needs.  According to her conversations with several libraries, a number of them can not acquire art books of any kind with limited budgets.  We are aware that books, while wonderful and important to our society, do cost money—and art books are particularly pricey for libraries.  We’re more than happy that we can help fill this need for so many libraries and schools.

Luckily we were close enough to some of the Albuquerque libraries to make the deliveries in person. The reaction of the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Library librarians was incredible.  While they still might shush you for talking in the reference aisles, their excitement about receiving a cartload of our books was was not quiet or reserved – and was extremely contagious.  After hauling books and heavy boxes for a few hours, it was a real treat for us to see such a genuinely appreciative reaction.

We really look forward to seeing how this library decides to display our books.  They came up with several ideas while we were there, including putting them in Special Collections or having a display just for the Radius Books.  We love making these donations, and they are made possible through your donations and purchases of Radius Books.  By putting a Radius Book on your own shelf, you put a Radius Book on a library’s shelf.  Thanks to everyone who’s made these donations possible.