Radius Books Library Donation Program

The only thing more exciting than seeing a Radius Book on our shelves is seeing entire stacks of them on someone else’s. Specifically, we are excited about seeing our books in libraries, schools, and in the hands of interested young people.

While we love to gush about how fabulous our artists are, our library donation program is equally important to mention. We donate copies of every title we publish to libraries around the country, and recently an incredible partner appeared out of the blue to help us with this mission.

Since 1987 Distribution to Underserved Communities Library Program (DUC) has been offering contemporary art books to rural and inner-city libraries, schools, and reading centers.  DUC is an organization that makes it easy for everyone to have access to contemporary art and culture.  Librarians or teachers simply go to DUC’s webstore and select the books they want for their classrooms and communities. The books are always free and DUC even pays for shipping.

Needless to say, DUC’s stock diminishes very quickly. This May, Radius Books donated over 2,000 copies of our titles to DUC. If you live near a library with skimpy fine art sections, let them know about this incredibly generous program.

You can donate to Radius Books here to help us serve America’s libraries.