Sam Abell Library: The Photography of Places

  • Hardbound / 9.75 x 10.5 inches
    140 color illustrations / 312 pages

  • Illustrated essay by Leah Bendavid-Val

  • ISBN: 9781934435458
  • Trade Edition: $75.00

Radius Books announces publication of the first in a series of four multi-volume sets dedicated to the work of Sam Abell, one of America’s most influential photographers and teachers.

This four-year publishing endeavor, ultimately comprising sixteen separate volumes, is the most comprehensive expression to date of Abell’s work. In each set of four volumes Abell takes up a theme important to the history of art: the photography of places; the photography of nature; the photography of the past; and the photography of ideas.  Each volume features Abell’s iconic images set for the first time in the context of his extensive never-before-published work.  Essays by Abell appear throughout the sixteen volumes.

The first boxed set begins with an introductory volume, with an illustrated essay by Leah Bendavid-Val, examining Abell’s evolution as an artist. Successive volumes then showcase three distinct cultures—the raw aesthetic of Newfoundland; the refinement of Hagi, Japan; and the reptilian character of Northern Australia.