Masumi Hayashi: Panoramic Photo Collages 1976-2006

  • Hardcover / 15 x 9.25 inches
    62 color images / 168 pages

  • Text by Barbara Tannenbaum

  • ISBN: 9781942185208
  • Trade Edition: $55.00


Masumi Hayashi (1945-2006) was best known for her technique of creating photo collages by suturing together images into a grid format. Exploring a range of subjects, Hayashi trained her lens on Rust Belt landscapes, EPA Superfund sites, Japanese American internment camps from World War Two, and decaying prisons. With these sites as her points of departure, Hayashi crafted images with multiple perspectives, creating panoramas where seams unabashedly cut across landscapes. Using a format typically associated with tourism, the panorama, Hayashi’s images are instead attuned to the way social ills are expressed in space, extending views of landscape and infrastructure that exceed 360 degrees. This gesture of both expanding perspective and cutting up the visual field thus compels viewers to contemplate a landscape’s making and the evidence of human intervention that is often left behind.


Barbara Tannenbaum joined The Cleveland Museum of Art as Curator of Photography in 2011, after a distinguished career at the Akron Art Museum, where she headed that institution’s curatorial area for 26 years. Tannenbaum has held research fellowships from the Henry Luce Foundation, the American Association of University Women, and the Danforth Foundation. Tannenbaum holds a BA in art history from Reed College and an MA and PhD in modern and contemporary art from the University of Michigan.