Submissions Policy

Radius Books welcomes project proposals from anywhere and everywhere. However, like most fine art publishers, we receive hundreds of submissions every year and are limited to the number of projects we can produce in a given period.

Submissions are evaluated based on three simple criteria:

  • Do we love the work?
  • Is it the right book at the right time (for you and for us)?
  • Is the book consistent with our publishing program, the vision of our board, and the mission of our Donation Program?

Please note, submissions are only accepted via email. We do not accept paper submissions, nor do we schedule meetings until after we have reviewed an initial submission.

Please submit your project as follows:


  • Project Description: a written summary of approximately 500 words describing the proposed project  (similar to “ABOUT THE BOOK” on our book pages).
  • Project Support: a bullet point list of relevant information about strategic support for this particular body of work, including but not limited to: concurrent exhibitions, possible grants, related events, author ideas, funding sources, etc.
  • Artist Description: a one-page CV, including exhibition history, gallery representation, and museum exhibitions, and a 250-word bio (similar to “ABOUT THE AUTHOR” on our book pages).
  • Artwork: a set of 10-20 visuals of the proposed project, 300 dpi jpegs, 8.5 x 11 inches, preferred.


If we decide to see more from the initial proposal, then we will ask you to make a more comprehensive submission. This should not be seen as a guarantee that we will proceed to publication, but simply that we are interested in seeing more of your work. We will contact you and discuss what materials are best to send. Be prepared at this stage to provide high quality images, sequenced book dummies, or other materials that can give us a full understanding of the project. Though we will do our best to be careful with your materials and review all submissions thoughtfully, we cannot accept liability for anything that is sent to us.

Please email your project submission to: