Donation Program

Radius Books donates copies of every book published to underfunded libraries, schools, arts organizations, and community centers. The Donation Program was conceived and initiated as a means to bring artistic visions into the hands of the many, particularly students and young adults. Since its founding in 2007, Radius has donated over 50,000 books worldwide.

Here are a few responses from program recipients:

We are just starting a small library, we do not have much of a budget, and art books are expensive. Our teachers are poring over your books with great enthusiasm. They will be the crown jewels of our little library. —Public Library, Alabama

Thank you for the generous donation of art books. Our community is home to many people with an interest in art; it is also a community where many residents have not experienced the pleasure of visiting art museums. —Public Library, Arizona

This class was redirected. It went beyond simple inspiration. Conversations began in so many directions, it was like renewal. It was as good as a hundred field trips. Thank you again for giving us a breath of fresh air…oxygen to help keep us going onward. Since our last box of books, our co-op/school/studio has struggled to keep afloat. —Arts Center, Arkansas

I was so excited to receive a shipment of books today! We have just started a H.S. art club and they will be great to share with the kids. Thank you for helping us with our mission. —Public School, Indiana

We’ve begun organizing our library to make it accessible to our teen artists for inspiration and study. Your books are a fantastic additions to our growing collection. —Community Center, Massachusetts

We are a small public school that emphasizes the arts. The books you sent are beautiful and will be a wonderful addition to our collection. Thank you for your generosity! —Public School, Missouri

We so appreciate your donation of thirteen art books to our Library.  Yesterday one of the Drawing I classes stopped by to look at them and also go on a mini tour of our Library’s art resources. —Public School, North Dakota

Thank you so much for donating the beautiful books. Your donation is vital to our mission of empowering creativity, leadership, and lifelong learning to a deserving community. —Tribal College, New Mexico

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