20×200+Michael Lundgren+Radius Books=HOT

20×200 is the brainchild of internet guru+photography gallerist Jen Bekman. As she says, “There are a lot of people out there who want to sell their art and a lot of people who’d like to buy it. They just have a hard time finding each other. The internet is the perfect place to bring those people together.” And she does just that, making work affordable at the same time.

On this Wednesday, April 15th, 20×200 will release two new editions from Phoenix-based photographer Michael Lundgren, whose new monograph, Transfigurations, was published by Radius Books in November of 2008. 20×200 introduces new works from photographers and artists twice a week and offers gorgeous, exhibition quality prints at ridiculously affordable prices, exclusively online.

Of the two editions offered from Lundgren, the proceeds from one will benefit Radius Books (similar to the editions offered by the Starn twins, one of which benefited Blind Spot). We can’t reveal exactly which photographs will be released but we can tell you they are from his Transfigurations series—and, the prints are stunning! To ensure that you have the opportunity to support Radius Books and collect one or both of Lundgren’s prints, sign up for the 20×200 newsletter.  Written by Jen Bekman, the newsletter goes out to subscribers slightly in advance of the release of the editions online, giving subscribers the earliest opportunity to aquire the works before they go live.  With fast-selling editions the newsletter can offer the only chance to acquire prints!   Sign up and keep your eyes on your inbox this Wednesday!