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Liu Mubai also looking at this scene look cold, dust, animal husbandry and speed, so that was a bit surprised him slightly, immediately yixian lips, so that it is to be a little mean ah, otherwise, he would not feel very boring the? You will only hide it?" Jiugong no avail, Chen Tong is angry that up so that every time an attack hit the empty place, it is too bad. cheap nfl jerseys Yan Ling violent fist!" Chen Tong saw dust, animal husbandry, stop, eyes passing touch is lighted up, immediately taken the step, the body count them out at this time of spiritual power emission, that on the fist, like a flame superimposed layers, then fiercely for the animal husbandry and dust boom of the past. Xiaoyuan Zhang also frowned, and then said: "This is to be judged by the Hau" Then he turned to the main stage Hau, arch of the hand, and said: "Mr. But in that moment he caught up, dust, animal husbandry, the figure is suddenly stopped, he bent two fingers and two fingers as if in this case turned into gold, bright light shining, also exudes a Tough extremely sharp fluctuations. This inflammation tiger appeared, it is the sky and shouts, brought up the hot flame and fury of spiritual power, in that numerous road gaze, and across the sky, facing Liu Mubai prey away. One pair of muddy eyes, raised little interest: "the main event finally play the ah.

See Xiaoyuan Zhang shot, Liu Feng dyke and animal husbandry is stopped, looked at each other fiercely. Dust, animal husbandry, nodded and said: "Of course, how to make in order to impress people, we must reckon yourself to try the. Tang Qian children have nothing to say, although she was not quite understand why men sometimes die if the total conceited, but such a man, there are some girls attract attention. wholesale jerseys online Moreover, he was aghast most was that on that minaret, seems to have a kind of strange fluctuations pass over, under the kind of volatility, spiritual pulse in his body, was actually some have been suppressed! How could that be?" In vivo shining spiritual pulse, darkened some, Liu also worth looking Mubai upheaval. wholesale nfl jerseys Seed places? Afraid that you did not qualify.

He trained animal husbandry and dust for so long, I did not find it, this guy. cheap jerseys online Feng animal husbandry, animal husbandry and dust for so agility, the same is a little surprised that this agility even he looks strange, is not he taught, it seems it should be from North Spirit Hospital." Although animal husbandry Feng Liu also admitted Mubai have the ability, but he also has faith that his son would not be bad to go than others. The battle for places, a total of thirteen people, Eastern Hospital five, seven West Hospital, five ordinary places, places a seed, twelve, six points battle, the winner will qualify for ordinary places and, of course, who is also on the seed if the quota idea, you can once again challenge the final winner, just to get the seed quota "Xiaoyuan Zhang eyes to see things both houses of those students, said:"Is there a problem " Well, we will participate in the battle for the students to play it!" Xiaoyuan Zhang's voice had just fallen, and saw two houses direction to that stuff, suddenly came out of some commotion and then a road Shanlue figure out, high-spirited in that numerous road envious eyes, fell into the venue.