Marion Belanger: Rift/Fault

  • Hardcover / 12.125 x 9.75 inches
    112 pages / 48 color images
    Includes two separate fold-out portfolios

  • Photography by Marion Belanger

    Essay by Lucy R. Lippard

  • ISBN: 9781942185154
  • Trade Edition: $55.00
  • Signed Edition: $60.00


“The examples of willful amnesia are endless.” -Lucy R. Lippard

Rift/Fault documents the shifting edges of the North American Plate: the eastern boundary in Iceland, along the North Atlantic Rift where it meets the Eurasian Plate, and the western boundary in California, along the San Andreas Fault where it abuts┬áthe Pacific Plate. In Iceland, the land along the Rift is unstable and raw, as the two tectonic plate edges are pulling apart. Belanger’s images portray pipes that carry steam for geothermal electricity, hot pools, volcanic remnants, homes along the Ridge, and the raw, empty landscape. In California, where the Fault is characterized by dramatic earthquake activity, the ordered built environment seems to ignore the actuality of the land, a dangerous disconnect. In Rift/Fault, the pairing of images, one from each tectonic edge, allows for a dialogue between the wild and the contained, the fertile and the barren, the geologic and the human. These dichotomies create a visual tension that elicits the uneasy relationship between geologic force, and the limits of human enterprise.


Marion Belanger is interested in the concepts of persistence and change, and in the way that boundaries demarcate difference, particularly in regards to the land. She has been the recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, a John Anson Kittredge Award, an American Scandinavian Fellowship, Connecticut Commission on the Arts Fellowships, and has been an artist in residence at the MacDowell Colony, at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, at the Virginia Center for the Arts and at Everglades National Park. Belanger earned her MFA from the Yale University School of Art where she was the recipient of both the John Ferguson Weir Award and the Schickle-Collingwood Prize, and a BFA from the College of Art & Design at Alfred University. Her photographs are included in many permanent collections including the Library of Congress, the National Gallery of Art, the Yale University Gallery of Art, the New Orleans Museum of Art and the International Center of Photography.


Lucy R. Lippard is a writer, art critic, activist and curator. She is the author of over twenty books on contemporary art and has received numerous awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship (1968), the Frank Jewett Mather Award for Criticism from the College Art Association (1975), and two National Endowment for the Arts grants.